Summer Chill Out Retreat

Sunday 17/11/19 – At Saffron Cottage


Summer offers images of long, light sun-filled days; lazy afternoons, sipping cool drinks, spending time outdoors and socializing. Ayurveda (the ancient sister science to yoga) tells us the qualities of summer are hot, sharp, and penetrating. This class will explore the Ayurvedic dosha of Pitta- our fire and water qualities and how this dosha affects the body, mind, & spirit during its peak season.

10:30-12:30 Robyn Mourie, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner, will show you how to recognise Pitta imbalances, provide notes for an Ayurveda Food Chart for summer and together we will mix up some Summer Vedic Elixirs.

12:30-1:00PM Ayurvedic lunch and teas

1:00-3:00pm Wendy Reynolds, Nidra/Meditation Yoga Instructor will end your day with a chill-out guided Nidra meditation.  We will work further with the qualities of water (fluidity) and fire (warmth/colour), practicing moving between the two whilst anchoring to the stillness that is a constant beneath life’s fluctuations.

$85 pp Includes lunch


Please register your interest now by emailing – no payment until 1-month prior.  Please note, if you do purchase a series and are no longer able to attend, you are welcome to offer your place to a friend or colleague in your stead (as we are not able to offer a refund).