Keep healthy with an Ayurveda routine

Keep healthy with an Ayurveda routine

I’ve put together a simple Ayurveda daily routine after listening to a variety of speakers in the recent international online Ayurveda conference. I wrote this on the plane on the way back from Fusion Ayurveda’s beautiful retreat to Fiji – what a wonderful week, forming new friendships and having nurturing, rejuvenating spa therapies. Pop over to our FB page to see some pics.

I’ve designed this following routine to fit busy lifestyles with easy-to-find ingredients, where applicable. As one esteemed lecturer Dr Ajit from NZ said, if you follow an Ayurveda daily routine then you can avoid 70% of medical issues in the future. Sounds good to me, so here we go..

Wake up and arise out of bed straight away, preferably before the Kapha period of 6am-10am.
Brush your teeth.

Use a soft brush and please use a botanical toothpaste.


Scrape your tongue.

Tongue scrapers are inexpensive and easy to source – but avoid plastic scrapers. If you don’t have access to a tongue scraper you can use the back of a spoon. Scrape gently three times down your tongue and then one scrape on each side. Wash your scraper and store. It is recommended you have a new tongue scraper every 6 months.

The benefit of tongue scraping is that it removes the toxins on your tongue that have settled overnight, this way these toxins won’t be reabsorbed by your body. Your tongue has done a beautiful job for you overnight to eliminate these toxins and you just need to do the final job of scraping them off.


Gargle or oil pull.

I have an earlier blog about oil pulling so here I have included some simple mouth gargles you can make yourself that are easy peasy. It’s my humble opinion that in most cases antiseptic mouthwashes should be tipped down the sink. Antiseptic mouthwash do eliminate germs but also takes away the good bacteria in our mouths and this constant stripping of the good guys can actually lead to poor, drying mouth health.

I stock beautiful botanical mouthwashes but you can make your own too.

*Turmeric mouthwash- Add 1/2 tsp ground turmeric to 1 cup warm water. Gargle and spit out.

*Mix one part of any one of the following with 4 parts boiling water:

-Ground cinnamon (antimicrobial and antioxidant),

-Crushed coriander leaves and seeds (helps soothe mouth ulcers).

-Fennel seeds (anti inflammatory for sore throats and hoarseness).

Cover and leave overnight. Strain in morning. Gargle and spit out. Your mouth will feel fresh and still full of those gorgeously good mouth bacteria.


After your dental routine have a glass of warm/hot water.

You can mix in a nourishing elixir of 1/4 tsp grated ginger, 1/4 tsp honey and 1/4 tsp lemon or lime. This glass of goodness “cleans the pipes” and is a wonderful digestion aid.



Always include a warming aspect (add heated fruit to cold cereals).



Don’t miss lunch and preferably have your biggest meal at lunch. This way you’ll avoid that 4-6 pm energy crash where you reach for sugar, or more coffee. Having your biggest meal at lunch gives you more time to burn off the calories which helps significantly with keeping a healthy weight. (Often it’s not the food we’re eating that’s important to maintain or lose weight, it’s the timing of the food).


Take a 5 minute break at 2pm.

I have my alarm set ! It’s important to have this break at 2pm as this is the start of the variable energy of the vata period of day. Sip on hot water, have a piece of fruit. If you are in a meeting or busy you can take this break at 4pm instead.


Meditate or relax in nature for at least 5 minutes. Even 5 minutes can lower cortisol levels and help your focus. Never underestimate the power of this 5 minutes.


Somewhere in here get in at least 100 steps for exercise and to stimulate circulation.


Light Dinner( before 8pm).


Bed. Preferably before the start of Pitta period of 10pm.


Repeat 🙂