Lower stress levels by eating these foods for breakfast

Lower stress levels by eating these foods for breakfast

Recently I have had a lot of clients struggling with breakfast ideas especially as life seems to get so busy this time of year. Soooo I’ve decided to give you some general Ayurvedic tips and recipes – hope they help!

It really helps to feed your body protein and fats for breakfast, as cortisol is released for the morning shift in the body when it works best and is most productive, so that it’s done working in the afternoon, and by the time night comes, its ready to go to bed at a decent hour. Cortisol levels can be affected by stress and by being busy so we need to give it a good helpful start to the day by eating some of the following foods: 1/2 cup of kumara, yams, potatoes, cooked carrots, beetroots, kale, collards, spinach, chard, eggs, chicken, fish, avocados, cauli rice, zucchini patties all cooked in ghee, coconut or olive oils. ( My go-to brekkie at  the moment is leftover kumara mash from night before topped with an egg). It literally takes me 5 minutes to cook in the morning.

Avoid breads, bagels, pastries, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, donuts, cold smoothies. How many of us eat something on that list for breakfast!- its a pretty standard Western diet to eat these foods but they don’t help with the cortisol boost you need which really requires fat and protein. Working with people to change their breakfast eating can make a huge impact on their overall health and can really assist in weight loss if needed (helps avoid the urge for late night munchies!)…. (As I smell toast from my husband cooking a late night snack in the kitchen at 10pm! He is a breakfast weetbix man so …yea ….not everyone can be converted :). )

Homemade buttermilk can be really helpful this time of year. Buttermilk is called Takra in Ayurveda (its a lot different form supermarket buttermilk). It is recommended as a special drink to be consumed daily after meals especially in Spring and for those who wish to lose weight, it can even be consumed as a meal substitute daily, year-round. Its easy peasy to make your own- 1/2 cup of good quality yoghurt with live cultures, 2 cups of water, salt to taste, 1/4 tsp roasted cumin, a pinch of hing (asafoetida) if you have it. Blend all the ingredients EXCEPT the water for 3 minutes, then slowly add the water and blend again another 3 minutes. Add finely chopped coriander if you like it. I love it and heap it on.


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