Skype Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation (1 Hour)

Skype Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation (1 Hour)


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Receive a 1 hour ayurveda well-being and lifestyle consultation over Skype. Shortly after purchase we get in contact with you to set up an ideal time.

During an Ayurvedic consultation you’ll learn:

  • Your Ayurveda body-type
  • Suitable exercises for your body type for maintaining peak health and fitness
  • How to improve your digestion and foods best suited to your body type
  • Recipes (Easy and quick to prepare)
  • Valuable tips to creating effective and efficient life-style patterns and coping mechanisms for a more balanced and stress-free daily routine, and to change thought patterns and release deep-rooted issues. 
  • How to administer your own therapies at home