Voucher – Shirodhara

Voucher – Shirodhara


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A signature Ayurvedic treatment that dates back to the ages. ‘Shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means unbroken flow of liquid.

You will be made to lie comfortably on your back with your eyes and body covered. Lukewarm herbal oil is then hung from a specially designed vessel 8-9 inches above the forehead and made to drip in a continuous, soft stream for around 30 minutes. While the oil flows, the therapist gently massage the client’s head. This is followed by 15 minutes of marma point massage of the head and face. Bliss.

This deeply soothing therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, promotes sound sleep, relieves headaches and migraine, eases jet lag, and does wonders for your hair and scalp!

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