Skin beauty and Ayurveda

Skin beauty and Ayurveda

Your skin shows what is happening below the surface – no ammount of expensive creams and makeup can really make you look healthy. Health glows through from the inside.
Ayurvedic body type (dosha) determines how we recommend skin care to our clients. Generally you are vata type if you are fine pored and tanned and if imbalanced can get dark circles under your eyes and look lacklustre, often with dry cracked lips. Pitta types are fair, freckly, and if imbalanced are prone to acne, rashes, inflammation particularly over the cheek area. Kapha are have thick moist skin and age well! If imbalanced can have clammy, oily and congested skin. There are combination skins so if you would like an individual dosha consult to get it exactly to suit you, give me a call.

Tips for Vata skin: eat warm moist foods, favour sweet, salty and sour tastes. Avoid dry foods like crackers. Drink 6-8 glasses of warm or hot water a day. Skin Care products should be nourishing. ( Like a ghee based moisturiser ).
Tips for Pitta skin: Calming and cooling is needed. Stay out of hot sun. Have sweet, bitter, astringent foods and avoid hot spicy foods. Aloe vera is beneficial to take daily for cooling internally. Rose water is ideal for your face. Provide your skin with extra lipid support such as a plant based serum.
Tips for Kapha skin: Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse and try a mud mask once per week to remove impurities. Eat foods which are lighter in nature and not oily. Eating bitter, astringent and pungent foods are helpful for Kapha health. Exercising and sweating is very beneficial for kapha skin. Avoid greasy skincare.

Generally reduce stress as much as you can – not always easy I know. Stress releases cortisone which tell your sebaceous glands to produce more oil = skin breakouts!!

Can’t afford skincare? Try these home skincare ideas.

Cleanser: massage your face with the following at night, then remove with warm cloth:
Vata: Almond, Olive or Sesame Oil
Pitta: Sunflower, Coconut or Olive
Kapha: Safflower, Corn or Grapeseed

Moisturiser – mix the following with a little water and apply:
Vata: Avocado oil
Pitta: Coconut oil
Kapha: Safflower or Grapeseed oil


Vata: Sea Salt + Oil
Use 2 teaspoons of fine sea salt with enough oil to make a spread. Mix and apply in circular movements. Rinse off with warm water.
Pitta: Powdered Milk/Oatmeal + Water
Use 2 teaspoons of powdered milk or oatmeal. Add enough water to make a paste. Let thicken for 1 minute and apply to skin in circular movements. Rinse off with warm water.
Kapha: Cornmeal + Honey
Use 2 teaspoons of cornmeal, with enough raw honey to make a spread. Mix and apply with circular movements. Rinse off with warm water.

Masks: These should be quite runny so you may have to lie down to apply.

Vata: Banana or Honey
Mash up half a banana or apply warm raw honey to the skin. Leave on for up to 10 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth.

Pitta: Avocado + Fresh Cream
Mash up an organic avocado and apply to the skin. Add fresh cream to bind together. Leave on for up to 10 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth.

Kapha: Applesauce!
Apply applesauce to the skin. Leave on for up to 5 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth.

Yum, your face and skin will love you for its care.