Ayurveda Therapies

ABHYANGA – Full Body Oil Massage – 60 MIN, $90.

This wonderful Ayurvedic therapy consists of a full head and body massage administered by your practitioner. Aromatic herbal oils are applied in a continuous flowing sequence.  The depth, speed and type of oil applied varies according to your Ayurvedic body type and your personal needs and preference. A steam sauna (Swedana) is recommended to add on.

Benefits of Abhyanga Massage Therapy include:

  • Increased circulation to nerve endings
  • Toning of muscles and the whole physiology
  • Calming for the nerves
  • Lubrication to the joints
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Elimination of impurities from the body
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Increased levels of stamina through the day
  • Better, deeper sleep


SHIRODHARA – 60 MIN, $90 plus $40 for Medicated Herbal Oil ($130 total). 

A signature Ayurvedic treatment that dates back to the ages. ‘Shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means unbroken flow of liquid. Lukewarm herbal organic oil is hung from a specially designed copper vessel above the forehead and made to flow in a continuous, soft stream for around 30-45 minutes. This deeply soothing therapy relieves stress and strain related problems, promotes sound sleep, relieves headaches and migraine, eases jet lag, and does wonders for your hair and scalp!

SHIRO ABHYANGA – 60 MIN, $90 plus $40 for Medicated Herbal Oil ($130 total).

As above but while the oil flows, the therapist gently massage the client’s head throughout the therapy.  Bliss.

Following the shirodhara therapies, you will have the option of taking home your oil with you to be used for bath oil or massage.


The procedure involves a gentle Kansa wand massage on shoulders, neck, forehead and face followed by the administration of the the slightly warm oil which is instilled in each nostril. This is followed by kansa wand massage of head, palms and soles of feet.

Wonderful for sinus sufferers, excellent for prevention of sinus, colds, headaches.



Garshana is a dry massage aimed at stimulating the skin and lymphatic system. The use of silk gloves are particularly recommended.
The friction and static electricity created during the massage refreshes and stimulates the skin, improving metabolism and blood circulation.

Garshan massage helps to eliminate toxins, fat, and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Garshan is followed by a light oil massage.



In this unique Ayurvedic Massage a herbal powder mix is massaged into the body to break up stagnation & stimulate lymphatic flow.  This therapy enlivens and energises the body helping promote better digestion, healthier skin and firmer muscle tone.  It also increases circulation, helping break down fatty deposits and cellulite and is therefore recommended for those wishing to detox. 


The ultimate three hour experience of tranquility and peace at Saffron Cottage. Our exotic spa ritual journey begins with the bathing of your feet in a warm rose petaled aromatic foot bath while we do a mini Ayurveda analysis..next is a full body Abhyanga massage using warm Ayurvedic herbal oils, followed by a nurturing Indian Head Massage and/or facial treatment. Finally a blissful Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, to heal and calm the nervous system and instill a deep state of peace and relaxation. Therapies can be adjusted to suit you.

Includes a beautiful Sankalpa Ayurvedic perfume and ayurvedic tea on arrival.